Stage & Theatre

Our extensive experience in the UK performing arts industry enables us to appreciate the needs and challenges faced by directors, stage managers and lighting designers. Producing sets that visually excite and stimulate the audience is one of our many areas of expertise.

We will work with you understand your specific brief, including venue/location, production, budget and timescales to ensure your project is supplied to meet your exact requirements. With each assignment we guarantee the highest standard of workmanship and quality materials are applied.


Expertise and experience

Our team of experienced scenic carpenters understand the breadth of traditional theatre scenery requirements and restrictions. Combining the latest technology with various materials and finishes including; wood; steel; aluminium; plastics; glass and fabrics, we construct quality sets, stages and props for theatre, tours and stage.

From large stage sets to smaller, intricate set pieces and models, we work with you to evaluate and enhance your designs where possible – adding personal expertise and value to each project.

We also produce bespoke scenic items such as flooring, models, stairs, sculptures and many more.

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We can assist you with almost any project plan or idea you might have. Speak with the experts who can take your idea and turn it into reality with down to earth advice.